Dr. Gregory Smith graduated from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in 2005 and since then has been practicing in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills. Dr. Smith has recently relocated to Cardiff and is very happy to be back in the San Diego area. Over these past years, he has had the opportunity to explore specific interests and gain invaluable experience in implant dentistry, CAD/CAM restorative dentistry, cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, and he enjoys keeping abreast of and utilizing the latest technological advances. Dr. Smith is also part of a select group of dentists (less than 1%) trained and certified to provide IV sedation dentistry. Prior to dental school, Dr. Smith earned degrees in chemistry at San Diego State University and chemical oceanography at Florida State University.

Outside of the office, he spends his free time with his family. Living near the beach also allows him to enjoy his favorite past time, walking his dog by the water. He really loves anything to do with the ocean. He likes everything from surfing to taking his dog to splash around in the water. In addition to time in the water he enjoys cycling and running. He’s also learned his way around the kitchen and has a lot of fun cooking.